Friday, August 15, 2014

Chapter 12: Mirror, Hands and Eyes

Creating gestures for common knowledge is a common challenge in WBT. I would like to share five gestures that I have created to go along with core knowledge terms.

In my third grade class, we use science notebooks to record information from our science experiments. The students need to remember the order in which to record the information. The following gestures will help them to remember the vocabulary words that go along with the scientific process.

1.   Focus Question-Put your hands up in a V shape and then bring them together and down toward your chest to show many ideas down to one question.

2. Hypothesis- Use left pointer finger to point from head down toward paper to show that we are recording our predictions on paper.

3. Procedure- Show numbers 1-3 on one hand to show the steps that we will take.

4. Data- Use left hand to make an L like a graph. Then use right pointer finger to "record" points on the graph.

5. Conclusion-Put both arms up in the air in a V shape with hands in fists as in "declaring victory."

Hannah Palmer

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