Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My new room at school

I spent all of last week moving my things from my old room at school to the new room. It was a lot of work, so I sure am glad to be finished with it. My new room has carpeting in it. My old one was just tile. I will miss the morning sun and having wonderfully growing plants, but will enjoy not having to pull down the shades every day. The new room also has an interactive whiteboard and projector, both of which are mounted. I really missed having these last year. I had both of them in my old job.

Bible Study

I just started a new Bible study that I'm doing on my own. It's called me, myself, and lies by Jennifer Rothschild. I just finished the second day of it and it's good. I'm excited to be doing this study because it's about how we talk to ourselves-positively or negatively and how to have our thoughts be controlled by us so that we are positive and thinking of ourselves as God thinks of us.