Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've had professional development for the past two days about integrating technology with writing research papers at the elementary level.

I chose to use the Prezi website to help me present my information. I wanted to help my students and me be less bored and more interested when I teach my students about the scientific method and it's importance at the beginning of the year. Enjoy!

Here are more of the presentation that some of the teachers created at

There are tons of different presentation options you may want to check out at

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ebooks for Intensive Third Grade Readers

I'm always looking for good ebooks for my intensive third grade readers to read along with. In the Two Sisters newsletter this week, they recommended the Oxford Owl site. I listened to a couple of the stories and added the link to my class website.

Power Racers, Treasure Hunt, and Blackbeard's Ship are just a few of the titles. I like it because there are also two activities for each story. The first activity is a vocabulary matching game. The kids can click on the check mark at the bottom to have each answer checked. The second activity choice is varied depending on the book from number of syllables in a word to putting the words in a sentence in order.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Larger Class Size

This year my school no longer has the low class size grant (due to being in a low socio-economic area) so my class will be going from a maximum in previous years of 17 students to a maximum of 28 students. It used to be that the class sizes changed in fourth grade. The students in fourth grade seem to have a huge problem with getting quite a bit less attention.  I was wondering if anyone else has had this kind of experience and had ideas to help the students get used to the larger class size.

Creative Math Search

I was looking at Miss Third Grade's post about the personalized cursive worksheets on . They look great. I want to try them out for this year's students. Then I was delving further into the site and found the math word searches. These will come in handy for students who finish their work early.