Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WBT Master Class 557: Attention Getters

WBT Master Class 557: Attention Getters

Last year was the first year that I used whole brain teaching in my classroom. This summer I am watching the master classes on YouTube to help give myself a refresher after reading the book last summer. Watching the first WBT Masters class, I thought to myself that at times I have forgotten to remind my students to fold their hands after they answer back yes.. This is very important to remember to do so that they stop working and are focused on what I will be saying.

Coach Biffle spoke about the three levels of Attention Getting routines: Rookie, Pro, and All Star. For the Master Challenge for the Rookie Routine, I say, "Class." The children answer, Yes." (The students fold their hands as they say yes. I may need remind them as we begin rehearsing.) I speak briefly, clap twice and then say, "Teach," and they answer, "Okay." The students teach each other. Then I repeat the routine.  To add funtricity to the routine, I can vary the sound of my voice with high or low pitch and the speed at which I speak or repeat it. I can also say classity or classity-class to vary the words. To be a good rookie level teacher, I should use variations of the class-yes routine at least 20 times per day and use a tally sheet to keep track of my number of uses and variations.

The Pro Routine is the next step and includes saying, "Class boom" and the students answer "Yes boom" and (students have automatically fold hands.) Again I speak briefly, then clap twice and say teach. The students answer, "Okay." The students teach each other and then we repeat the process. Coach said to try to use the pro level at least 10 times per day. To make it more fun, I can say class-chicka-boom, or class-shaboom.

The attention getter that I want to attain to is the All Star Routine.  I say, "Class 3x2 boom." The children answer, Yes 6 boom." (The students have automatically fold their hands while speaking.)- I give a short amount of information, clap twice, and then say, "Teach," and they answer, "Okay." The students teach each other. Then I repeat the any of the attention getting routines. Coach Biffle encouraged me to use the All Star level attention getters at least 10 times per day. This is awesome because I can have the students review the materials they've learned while getting their attention-double dute.

After rehearsing the routines with the students, I will call up a Leadership Team made up of three students who are following directions and two rebels who aren't following directions. Coach Biffle said to stand next to the weakest rebel as the leadership team practices the routine again. Standing by that child will encourage the child to change his or her behavior and to practice the routine correctly in front of the class.

Final tips from Coach: Try to rehearse at least five times per day so that the students are well rehearsed and ready. The class scoreboard should average 20 smilies or frownies per day to keep the students interested and participating.

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